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as it relates to me or Fred Beans Hyundai.



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NEW OWNER CLINICS: Be sure to attend one of our Right From the Start new owner's clinics to meet our service staff, learn about various services Fred Beans offers, and learn more about how to properly care for your new vehicle.


It is a great time! We hold it right in the Fred Beans Hyundai showroom. You can bring the whole family (and friends, and neighbors) and no one has to cook that night as we serve dinner. Bring the kids so they can see an airbag deploy. Bring the backyard mechanic or mechanically curious as we'll have one of our technician teams there to answer mechanical questions for you, at your type of car, while gathered around it, while it is up on a lift in the shop.


Plus we'll put $50 on your Auto Rewards card (for eligible Auto Rewards members) so we'll even pay you to come!


Let me know if you can make one of these next ones, and how many will be attending:






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