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All the hard work is paying off! In only its first year in existence, Genesis unseated Porsche for the #1 premium brand in the 2017 JD Power Initial Quality Study. So imagine how pleased we were when Genesis did it again in 2018, as the study's #1 overall brand. And we were elated when we were once again this year's (2019) #1 overall brand!


To put some perspective on just how much Genesis dominated this year, here is an article from Automotive News. Their comment, "It wasn't close."


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The hard work continues to pay off for Genesis. After placing second in the 2017 JD Power APEAL Awards coming in just behind Porsche, this year (2018) Genesis vaulted to first place. APEAL stands for Automotive Performance, Exectution, and Layout. JD Power says that the study is meant to determine how emotionally attached and excited owners are about their cars. Learn more about the stufy in the JD Power press release here.


For 2019 Genesis still scored very highly tying for second overall with BMW.


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This link might require a subscription, but Consumer Reports ranked the automotive brands by owner satisfaction. Genesis ranked third, just behind Tesla and Porsche... and ahead of all of its primary competition.


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Let's face it, safety may not be as excitng a selling point as Genesis' other characteristics like great handling, smooth powertrains, and luxury amenities, but it is a very important feature when making your buying decsion. Consumer Reports did a study that asked owners about how well these systems worked for them. Only one brand was consistently ranked among the very best by owners in each category: Genesis.


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US News and World Report Autos section ranked the average safety score of car brands to find the safest 2019 car brands. I would like to congratulate Volvo for coming in second with a near-perfect score of 9.88 out of 10. It would take perfection to come in first. Who came in first you ask?


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The 2019 North American International Auto Show was kind to Hyundai. Hyundai brand took home 2019 North American Utility of the Year for the Kona, and Genesis brand took home 2019 North American Car of the Year with the G70.


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Genesis knows that paging through hundreds of pages of an owners manual isn't a fun thing to do when you are just trying to figure out how to use something on the car. And where did you put that quick reference guide? Well, Genesis has a solution found on something you'll never lose, and will call in the national guard to find it if you do. No, not your children (though you might call the national guard for them also)... your phone! There is an app to tell you how to use the various features in your car, how to check the oil, and things like that. But not just any app. It uses augmented reality to show you. Use the app and point your camera at something on the car to learn how to use it. This AutoWeek article tells you more. Search for "Genesis Virtual Guide" where you get your applications for your phone or tablet.


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Hyundai is very intent on making Genesis a successful premium brand. They watched as Toyota launched a successful Lexus brand and are watching as Honda is still struggling for Acura to gain a solid footing in the luxury market, and as Nissan struggles with Infinity. Genesis is Hyundai Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun's project. He is the son of Hyundai Chairman Chung Mong-koo and the heir to the Hyundai throne so you know Hyundai won't let it fail. Wisely Hyundai decided to go and poach top talent from around the automotive landscape. To head the brand they hired the two men who 20 years ago were tasked with reviving the Lamborghini brand. After their success one moved on to automotive consulting and the other one ultimately became Bentley's top designer. Here is an article from Automotive News about these two men and their mission at Genesis.


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Genesis continues to poach talent from other European automakers as they grab Fayez Abdul Rahman, formerly leading BMW concept and platform architecture development for several models including the 7 series, X models, and M Performance models. (Link may require subscription)


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Here is a great article from Automobile Magazine that gives a glimpse into how the heads of design work together to create a Genesis model (in this case the G70). The article also mentions head of interior design at Genesis, Bozhena Lalova, previously of Mercedes. Head of Genesis design speaks as to a Korean design ethic of the Beauty of Emptiness and how that figures into the design of the interior of the G70.


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Did you know that Genesis road tests their cars during development more than other premium manufacturers? Did you know that Genesis wants to focus on technologies that truly add to comfort, safety, performance, and usability and choose to forego the nearly useless technologies that some premium manufacturers do mainly just for marketing? Find out the why's to this and more in this article from an interview with Albert Biermann of Hyundai-Genesis.



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