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Here is Hyundai's web page for the Venue.


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Hyundai introduced the Venue in Australia and a number of US automotive journalists were invited to check it out. Car and Driver was among them. This car essentially competes against the Kia Soul and Nissan Kicks, so it is a bit smaller than the Kona. And the driving dynamics aren't very. But it does drive well and comfortably, and the interior cabin materials are very nice. In fact, so nice that Car and Driver says that the cabin materials are nicer than found in some $40,000 vehicles (about twice the pricwe of the Venue). Overall they were pleased with the vehicle. See all of ther comments here.

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Automobile Magazine also drove the Venue in Australia and really likes it! They said that the ride is comfortable yet has minimal body lean in the corners. They praised the interior - with a nice level of amenities and Hyundai's always easy-to-use controls. And they said that the styling is great - fun to look at while also providing practical interior space. See all their comments here.
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MotorTrend says it might not win races but the engine and suspension are up to the task. Where it shines is in the interior, with lots of standard and available amenities. Also a stand-out is the interior and exterior design. Add all this to a safe body structure and a wide array of active safety features and MotorTrend predicts that it should be a volume seller.
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AutoWeek disagreed a little with Car And Driver and MotorTrend. They say that the Venue is fun to toss around, at least as the Austrlians get it's suspension tuned (ours will get a little softer shock valving to handle our less-than-stellar roads). AutoWeek also points out the great visibility out of the Venue, as well as how fun it is to view its styling.
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