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The compact crossover segment has become America's most popular, but you aren't looking for one that makes you compromise. Why can't you get great fuel economy without a dull-feeling CVT transmission? Why can't you have confident handling and a refined ride and cabin? Why can't you have an impressive list of features without having to pay through the nose for them and why can't those features be easy to use in every day drivng? You actually can have it all in the Hyundai Tucson.


Available Active Cornering Control and 19" wheels enhance performance and traction while SACHS shock absorbers and fluid-filled bump stops means you can ride in amazing comfort. So much attention to detail was paid to the cabin ergonomics and comfort that the part of the headliner where your fingers reach for the assist strap is softer than the rest of the headliner. The Tucson comes with an impressive list of standard and available features and, since it is a Hyundai, they come at an incredible value. The same level of detail and commitment applied to the driving dynamics and cabin refinement was paid in helping to ensure that the features are easy to use, therefore you can actually enjoy what the Tucson has to offer rather than fretting about how to use it. And the vault-like quiet of the interior means you can enjoy it all in serenity.







Hyundai Tucson information and reviews



Reviews are below, but here is Hyundai's official Tucson page.


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Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Tucson a Top Safety Pick rating so you can enjoy peace of mind when behind the wheel or driving your family and friends. Considering another compact SUV? Use the same link to see if it received a safety award by the IIHS.


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For 2019 the Hyundai Tucson placed second in the small SUV segment from JD Power in their Initial Quality Study.


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Car and Driver provides a comprehensive review of the Hyundai Tucson. They score it highly overall saying it is a looker, has a nice balance between ride comfort and handling ability, and provides a quality interior. Add all that to the best warranty in its class and a great value for all the oodles of amenities it provides and it is a very strong contender in its field.


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The automotive press usually likes to review the top-of-the-line trim levels with all the gee whiz features. And the manufacturers usually like to provide the press with their most impressive trims to review hoping for the best reviews. Car and Driver also drove the "base" SE model. In the article they point out that Hyundai does "basic" better than Honda with its CR-V as the Tucson has no blanks where higher trims have buttons, the Tucson comes standard with alloy wheels, and the black plastic is nicely grained. Other praises include a quiet cabin and a suspension that provides fantastic road comfort and capable handling on twisting back roads. And the Tucson's functional simplicity makes it easy to live with.


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Automobile Magazine spent a week with the Ultimate trim level of the 20219 Tucson. You've got to read this article to believe all of the superlatives used to describe his time with it. He said it has the best infotainment interface in the industry and praised it's easy-to-use integration of mobile tech like phone projection, satellite radio, and navigation. The advanced safety features like smart cruise control worked seamlessly, and the ride is quiet and comfortable while also providing engaging driving dynamics.


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