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So you are looking for a do-it-all midsize family sedan. Something to cart the kids, parents, groceries, and all the gear for the trips to the shore. It has to be big enough to handle all of that yet it will get most of its use taking you back and forth to work, so comfort is also very important. Between kids, your spouse, and your job the texts never stop coming so something with available Android Auto and Siri eyes free would be nice, too. And since we're trying to text safely, and safety is important overall, how about a very safe car.

Introducing the Hyundai Sonata! Big enough to be EPA classified as "large", yet shopped in the midsize segment. Lots of trunk space but still expandable with 60/40 fold down rear seats. More than enough room in the rear seat to keep your kids from kicking the seat-back while they are strapped in to their car seats, which, by the way, are much easier to install with easy access to the LATCH attachments. And it is comfortable: lessons learned from a partnership with Lotus on the redesigned Genesis have greatly improved suspension and steering feel and comfort. Even the seats are greatly improved providing enough support for a long drive without fatigue (for those family trips). And safe: the government gives it 5-stars and the IIHS a Top Safety Pick. There is plenty of technology available with Navigation, Panoramic Sunroof, Siri eyes-free (and soon Apple Car Play), Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning, XM Radio that actually records your top 6 presets, and Bluetooth comes standard. Choose how you want to motivate the Sonata with a 2.4L 4-cylinder for standard power and efficiency, a 1.6L Turbo for standard power and better fuel efficiency, a 2.0L Turbo with 245 HP if you're the hurrying type.







Hyundai Sonata information and reviews



Hyundai has an official site for the Sonata. My parents liked their 2015 Sonata Limited so much that they opted to buy a 2017 Sonata Limited Turbo. They love it! I have a 2018 Sonata Limited with Ultimate Package. So if you have any questions about the new Sonata, let me know.

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Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Sonata a Top Safety Pick+ award. You can transport your family and friends with peace of mind in the Sonata. Considering another midsize sedan? Use this same link to see if it also received a safety award from the IIHS.


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AutoGuide reviewed the freshenings that Hyundai applied to the Sonata for the 2018 model year. They really like the appearance changes, improvements to the steering and suspension, and the addition of blind spot detection as standard equipment. See all their comments here. (They drove only the 2.4L engine.)


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Kelly Blue Book provides a video review of the Sonata here and came away impressed by how nice of a car the Sonata is for the money. They praise the lack of body lean when cornering while still providing a comfortable ride quality. They found seating in the front and back to be comfortable and the trunk spacious. They wrap up by calling it a worthy competitor in a very tough segment.


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MotorTrend points out seven improvements to the 2018 Sonata they call significant. They point out the improvements to the appearance, ride and handing, steering, and value. If you want a short, bullet-point article to better understand the changes to the refreshed Sonata, give this a read.


But if you want a fuller review of the 2018 Sonata, here is an article from MotorTrend describing what they learned about the refreshed Sonata from their time behind the wheel of the 2.4L non-turbo and the 2.0L turbo. They explain that the ride and steering are improved, the exterior and interior more appealing, the infotainment quicker to respond yet still easy to use, and the value still tremendous. Overall they say it is ready to compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry redesigns for 2018.


* * * * * * * * * * points out something I noticed immediately when I got my 2018 Sonata: the infotainment is lightening quick. And also points out that it is one of the easiest on the market to use. They go on to praise the comfort and quality of the seats as they racked up the miles on a longer drive, as well as the premium-feeling ride quality of the suspension. See all of their comments here.


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Consumer Reports recommends the Sonata with high marks for a spacious interior, easy-to-use controls, and great visibility.


* * * * * * * * * * rated the Sonata as a top choice for car seat installation as well.


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Autoblog really liked their time behind the wheel of the Sonata Sport. Even though it wasn't the turbo model, they praised the steering feel and handling. They also liked the reworking the exterior received for the 2018 model year, explaining that it livened-up the appearance.


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Automobile Magazine drove the 2018 Sonata 2.0T Turbo. They get into some of the technical reasons for the improvement in ride and handling, and then sum it up nicely, "Like the Elantra Sport, the 2018 Hyundai Sonata is a home run for the sedan world." Read all of their effusive praise here.


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AutoWeek also spent some time behind the wheel of the 2018 Sonata Turbo and came away impressed with how much power it had as well as how fun it was to drive on twisting roads. They mentioned the non-turbo but basically only to say it wasn't as quick as the turbo and was aimed at a different buyer.


* * * * * * * * * * decided to compare a fully-equipped Sonata Turbo and a fully-equipped Toyota Camry V6. Surprisingly, even though the Camry had more power, the Sonata delivered its power better and therefore felt more powerful. Also, even though the Sonata was about $4000 less than the Camry, the Sonata came with more amenities than the Camry. They also comment that the transmission was more refined in the Sonata Turbo. Add all of that to Hyundai's impressive warranty and the winner was clear.



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