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Click here for the official Hyundai page for the Santa Fe.


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Safety: The Santa Fe earns an IIHS Top Safety Pick+.


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I came across this article via a Tweet (I have a Twitter account dedicated to auto news and check it a few times a day usually.) This was the tweet from "Cognizant of the medium, we're going to be blunt and brief: the new @Hyundai #SantaFe takes the top spot among small crossovers." They didn't do an official comparison test so the article and video in the article say that it "may" be best in class, but their tweet expresses how they feel about it. They love the way the turbo delivers power, but you can tell he didn't drive the non-turbo 4-cylinder. I have driven that engine quite a bit in the new Santa Fe, and test driven it quite a bit with customers, and no one has felt that it lacks for power. The new 8-speed automatic helps it move quite well, even better than with the 6-speed in the previous generation. Their praises include a comfortable, roomy, and quiet interior with very easy-to-use and intuitive controls. They liked the on-road and off-road handling. In fact, they liked just about everything. Click here to see the review and video.


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In just its first year of the redesign, the Santa Fe placed first in class in the 2019 JD Power Initial Quality Study.


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AutoGuide drove the new Santa Fe in Canada. They came away saying it is hard to find fault with it. The steering is well weighted and the handling is agile. The car is comfortable and absobs bumps very well, and the quiet interior adds to the comfort level. And they also feel that the look is upscale both inside and out. Further, there is a very long list of standard safety features. Outward visibility is fantastic and all the controls are easy and intuitive to use. See all their praises of the Santa Fe here.


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Automobile Magazine says that the Santa Fe does everything well that most people will drive a crossover for. It is comfortable and spacious, and the controls are very easy to use. In fact, about those controls, they say "the simplicity of the interface and the resulting lack of annoyances proved more welcome in day-to-day driving than a hedonistic Nappa-leather cockpit full of overly wrought tech."


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Consmer Reports got a 2019 Santa Fe for their testing and fleet and talk about it in this video here. It is fun to watch their reactions as they talk about just how nice the interior is, and to hear how the drive is so nice that they would rather drive the Santa Fe than an Infinity SUV they also had in their fleet at the same time.


Here is kind-of a written form of the video above but with more information. Consumer Reports expands a bit on the likes and dislikes, but come away very impressed. As of this writing, it was still awaiting instrumented testing.


So it is no surprise, then, that they recommend the Santa Fe. In addition to very good reliability, they praise the easy-to-use controls, say the handling is "tied-down" and the steering "responsive", the interior very nice with a lot of rear seat room, and they praise the inclusion of a ton of standard safety features. They also show that it has very good reliability.


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MotorTrend had more to say about the dynamic aspects of the Santa Fe (as automotive journalists are want to do). They loved the fact that the car is stable even when you are going faster, that the steering feel is much improved, and cornering is secure while keeping side-to-side motions to a minimum. They also loved the comfortable and refined interior (and the impressive 12-speaker Infinity audio system).


* * * * * * * * * * set out to determine who has the best mid-size 2-row SUV on the market. The Santa Fe faced 5 other competitors, a couple of which are newer redesigns than this Santa Fe. Nevertheless, controls that are extremely easy to use, lots of cargo room, great visibility, ana amazing value pushed the Santa Fe to the head of the group.


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The 2019 Santa Fe SEL Plus and higher trims have a rear seat minder to help parents and pet owners remember that a child or pet is in the back seat. But Hyundai is the only carmaker at the date of this article's writing (July 31, 2018) that has a sensor to help detect movement in the back seat after the car is turned off and the doors locked. It will honk the horn and send a text or email alert to the owner of the Santa Fe. This article defines the feature well, and does point out that while it is a great feature, it isn't foolproof. But it can certainly help. Read Consumer Reports' article, and helpful tips to help avoid heat stroke with children and pets.


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Automobile Magazine had a chance to drive the Turbo Ultimate trim in Utah. While the car is quiet and comfortable, they also say it is a "hoot to drive" and is "impressive for a small SUV". I was surprised to learn that it is also the lightest among all of its competitive set, including the Subaru Outback, Jeep Cherokee, and Nissan Murano. That will help with fuel economy and acceleration. As on-road capabale as this car is, Hyundai also boosted its off-road ability as well. In fact, Automobile Magazine says to rent one of these the next time you venture to the great outdoors.


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