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Why can't a compact hatchback get great fuel economy AND just feel like a normal car? Why does truly great fuel economy have to come with a car that looks like something out of a science fiction movie? Why does applying the brake pedal have to feel like it transfers from a weaker set to brakes to suddenly a stronger set of brakes? Why is it that compact hatchback hybrids have to come with a soul-sucking CVT transmission? Do you have to give up any driving fun to get great fuel economy?


You just want a normal, kind-of fun to drive compact hatchback that gets great gas mileage.


Well, you can have that. Introducing the Hyundai Ioniq. A hybrid for the rest of us. A car that feels like a normal compact hatchback, with a dose of fun, that does not feel like a hybrid, but gets the fuel economy of one. Sign me up!








Hyundai Ioniq information and reviews



Click here for the official Hyundai site for the Ioniq Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and Electric vehicle family. Its eco-friendliness goes past just the powertrain. Sugar cane, volcanic rock, and recycled plastics help to make up many of the interior materials, reducing the need for more new plastic and also reducing weight.


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Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Hyundai Ioniq a Top Safety Pick rating so you can enjoy peace of mind when behind the wheel or driving your family and friends. Considering another compact hybrid? Use the same link to see if it received a safety award by the IIHS.


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Car and Driver likes the Hyundai Ioniq, handing out an Editor's Choice Award in the hybrids and electric vehicles segment. Sorry Prius. They like the normal car feel of the Ioniq and that Hyundai kept the interior from getting too space-agey. 


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MotorTrend wrote a fairly trechnical article explaining how Hyundai achieved the best Hybrid fuel-efficiency on the market and the most efficient EV on the market. Currently the EV is only available in California but we get the excellent Hybrid here. They also comment how seamlessly the Hybrid and electric propulsion systems work. So if you want to know the how it works and the how well it works, give this article a read.


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AutoWeek spent time behind the wheel of the Hybrid and Electric versions (stating the electric will only be in California to start). As for the Hybrid we'll get around here, AutoWeek says it gets great fuel economy, provides excellent driving characteristics, has a roomy interior, and is still a great value.


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Kelly Blue Book has a fun video to tell their tale of what they think of the Hyundai Ioniq. They come away impressed. They point out that the Ioniq behaves mainly like a normal car and doesn't try to look like something out of a sci-fi movie to express the fact that it is a hybrid. The interior also isn't out of a sci-fi movie. Check it out if you want a normal car with a comfortable interior that is somewhat fun to drive.


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Wait, did just say that you never need to replace the 12-volt battery nor ever jump start the Ioniq? Click here to see why.


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This video from the New York Times reviews both the California-only electric Ioniq and the Ioniq Blue. You'll want to skip ahead to the halfway mark to see about the Blue we get in this area. They rate it highly for drivability, comfort, and cargo space.


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AutoGuide compared the Ioniq and the Prius. Both cars are really nice and drive well and get great fuel economy so they had a hard time calling one a better car than the other. But the Ioniq offers slightly more cargo space, a better warranty, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and a lower price. Advantage: Ioniq.


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