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You refuse to compromise. You aren't driving a car to impress your friends; you are driving a car because you want to impress yourself every time you get behind the wheel. Sure, comfort is important, but it shouldn't come at the expense of deadening your senses while you drive. In fact, it should engage the senses. The leather should be buttery smooth like the car itself, there should be quiet unless you decide to utilize the top-notch stereo, your heart should pick up its pace just a little when you accelerate, and your breathing should quicken when driving briskly through the winding back roads. The car should be wrapped in clean but striking lines. But it should also be practical: it should be one of the absolutely safest cars on the road, have plenty of room for passengers, and if you can have all this while saving a little money in the process, why not?


Introducing the Genesis G80 sedan! Universally praised by the experts, the G80 is considered one of the top-tier cars in class. The steering, suspension, and chassis were tuned in partnership with Lotus engineering for a comfortable yet engaging drive. The Insurance Institute praises it as the safest car in its class while standard safety technologies like automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, and blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert helps to make sure you'll never need to find that out. Do you want your car to remind you when you need to leave for an appointment? Or do you want to start your car from your smartphone? It can do that. Other available conveniences include a panoramic sunroof, heated and ventilated seats, satellite radio that records your top 6 presets, a 17-speaker Lexicon 7.1 surround audio system, and even a CO2 sensor that can change your air conditioning settings to help to prevent fatigue. Go ahead, compare it to the BMW 5-series. Audi A6, Lexus GS, and others. You'll come to the same conclusion  many others have: this is among the best combinations of comfort, handling, and great looks in the segment, and it does it all at a tremendous value.








Genesis G80 information and reviews



The glowing reviews are below, but here is the official G80 page.

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Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the G80 a Top Safety Pick+ award. You can transport your family and friends with peace of mind in the G80. Considering another midsize luxury sedan? Use this same link to see if it also received a safety award from the IIHS.


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Um, James Healey of USA Today sums it up nicely. I don' t think I can add anything more: "the new Genesis is alluring, titillating and, everything considered, the best car, overall, that we have driven in years." (Hyundai Genesis is now the Genesis G80)

* * * * * * * * * * speaks highly of the Genesis G80. They go on to tout the comfortable ride, roomy interior, and perfect safety scores.


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Consumer Reports reecommends the Genesis G80 giving high marks for value, quietness, luxury, controls that are easy to use, and safety.


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For 2018, the G80 took top spot in Strategic Vision's Total Quality Awards. Click here to see the press release. This link is to Genesis News so feel free to click around to see the latest from Genesis.



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For AutoWeek's first quarter update they were already in love with the Genesis (G80) AWD sedan. They said with winter tires on the Genesis the car never gave up grip, whether the temps were sub-zero or whether snowfall measured in feet instead of inches. They pointed out that even without turbo or super charging, the V6 handled higher elevation power needs with aplomb. They added that 85 MPH never felt like 85 MPH and that their staffers put more miles on the Genesis during this quarter than they put on the BMW M2 or Jaguar F-Type R they also had in their fleet, which spoke to just how much better of a daily driver the Genesis is. Simply put, they called it a rock star. See their swearings of love and devotion to the Genesis here.


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AutoWeek had a 2015 AWD Genesis Sedan (now G80) in its long-term fleet. This review is the six month update. They LOVE the car! They gush about the fit and finish - no squeaks and rattles and all gaps are tight. They admit that they rarely say of any car "this car doesn't need any more power" but they say this engine is perfectly matched to this car and the 8-speed transmission is silky smooth. They sum it up with ask any of the AutoWeek editors that have driven the car and every single one of them would tell a friend to buy one - which they said is their highest praise for a car. See more here.


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Autoweek updated some of their comments when they drove and reviewed the Genesis for 2016. They still LOVE it! They say that the chassis, suspension, steering, and engine are so well sorted that it will cruise at triple-digit speeds all day with no worries (not that it is recommended, just that it could). Another editor added that the interior is top-notch and that it is a terrific luxury car.


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TheCarConnection compared the Lincoln Continental to the Genesis G80 and picked a winner. In their words the Genesis G80 was "simply the more refined and consistently upmarket luxury sedan of the pair."


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MotorTrend seems to really get what the G80 Sport really is. While many review have been pitting it against the performance midsize luxury models, that isn't really what this is. It is still a heavy car that is a bit larger than it's competition. The G80 is a luxury car and that is what it is trying to be. For a car with a heavy luxury ride leaning, it still has pretty decent cornering grip The G80 Sport, as MotorTrend points out, is still a luxury cruiser, saying "the car is a well executed cruiser that can be sporty when the mood strikes." It is a firmer ride than the regular G80, but it is still comfort oriented.


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Autoweek calls the G80 Sport a "Top Luxury Contender, Hands Down" in this short take. They point out that it has plenty of scoot, has a refined ride, and looks great. They also praise Genesis' infotainment and connectivity. Summing up they say that if you are looking for a luxury sport sedan, "this G80 must be test driven. Screw whatever badge loyalty you may or may not have."


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Automobile Magazine spent a week with the Genesis G80 Sport and came away very impressed. They point out it is a luxury car - supple ride even over broken pavement with a quiet and comfortable interior. Yet is has a playful chassis they refer to as "light on it's feet". Power is excellent from the twin-tubo V6 and has no recognizable turbo lag. Controls are easy to use. This all adds up to an excellent luxury car that also provides fun behind the wheel.


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Automobile Magazine spent a week with the 2017 Genesis G80 V8 Sedan. They came away thoroughly impressed saying that the G80 provides a more luxurious driving experience than the Mercedes E300. In additon, they say the cabin is roomier than competitors, has a "pervasive air of quality", and possesses fit and finish that are second to none.


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