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Hyundai G90 information and reviews



Here is the factory page for the Genesis G90.


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Safety: Is safety an important aspect of your next vehicle purchase? The IIHS just raised the bar making it more difficult to earn a Top Safety Pick+ award. Considering another car? Use this same link to check its score.


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Car and Driver lauds the G90 with its Editor's Choice Award in the full size sedan segment. Sorry BMW. Car and Driver praises the luxury comfortable ride quality as well as the smooth powertrains. They agree with me, also, in that they like the 3.3L twin-turbo V6 over the V8 model. Additionally, they praise the interior build quality and easy-to-use controls.


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Consumer Reports recommends the G90 calling it a "world class luxury sedan". They also gave high marks to the powertrain - both the V6 and V8 - saying they are as powerful and smooth as anything in the class. They rated the interior as extremely quiet and called the ride quality comfortable, supple, and steady". They also praise the controls as easy-to-use for the segment.


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AutoWeek spent 1 year and 18,000 miles with the 3.3L Twin Turbo version of the G90. The title of their long-term wrap up article says it all "Genesis' flagship sedan does everything right". Note that they didn't say "avoids missteps", though it did do that not needing any repairs over that time. It does everything right. You can drive it "out of the box". Things work the way one expects: controls are intuitive and not overly complicated. They chided Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW for being too complicated to use when compared to the G90. They praised the instant torque without lag from the strong twin turbo V6, then commented that BMW and Mercedes should take note implying the G90's acceleration was more refined. They commented that their two pickiest editors could find no complaint with the G90. Considering that you are paying more for arguably not as nice of a car with the competition, the only question left is how much is the competition's emblem worth?


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Want a short summation of what to expect from a Genesis G90 and what its identity is? KBB sums it up succinctly in this short article. They praise the power and comfort and straight-forward luxury noting it isn't trying to impress with arguably unnecessary cutting-edge technology, but does provide all the bells and whistles a luxury car should have.


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Here is a short article from Road and Track that essentially serves as an introduction to a 34-minute video from savagegeese. The video is all about the car so very little fluff - if you want to know about the G90 and the presenter's take on it, that is all it is about. They put the car up on a lift and go over the undercarriage, suspension, aerodynamics, brakes, and more. Then they go under the hood, and take it out on the road. The presenter mentions a few times that with all the positive press about the Volvo S90 and how well it drives, it drives "like crap" when compared to the G90... and does it all without an air suspension, which always seems to eventually need expensive service and repair. Speaking of service, the G90 comes with an oil dipstick and doesn't require the removal of the service access panel to do an oil change. They say the car is very serviceable - great news if you want to keep the car long-term after the free maintenance and warranty expires. Be sure to give the video a watch if you want a lot of great info on the G90.


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In this video, MotorTrend drove a Genesis G90 through the Pacific Northwest. They came away impressed by the area, and equally impressed with the car. They spoke of the Pacific Northwest as an area that raises expectations for a luxurious organic experience, and how the G90 reflects that mindset.


* * * * * * * * * * was highly impressed with the Genesis G90. After comparing it to the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, and the Audi A8, they sum up that it is a "formidable contender" in the class. While they point out that there is a substantial value advantage, they also point out that the car has what it takes to compete aside from value. They point out that the interior is awash in high-quality materials, is loaded with technology, and is extremely comfortable. The reviewer points out that after 300 miles in a drive in the car, there were no ill effects of the drive. He points out that the 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 delivers smooth power, and has plenty of it. As an added bonus, the G90 only has 2 trim levels, and they are based on which engine is in the car: the 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 or the 5.0L Tau V8. Both trim levels come standard with all of the safety features, unusual even for this class of car. In this article, they wanted to highlight 5 reasons why they feel the Genesis G90 is a luxury large car champ.


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AutoWeek had a chance to get behind the wheel for a press event test drive. What did they think? They felt that the car was extremely comfortable, whisper quiet, and had plenty of power on tap whenever it was needed. As to comfort, the 22-adjustment power front seats are orthopedically rated and the suspension has adaptive shock control. As to quiet, the glass front-to-back is double-paned and sound deadened and the wheels are designed to capture tire noise and keep it out of the cabin. As to power, both the twin-turbo V6 and the V8 offer plenty of torque and the transmission responds quickly when power is needed. See all their comments here.


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AutoWeek then decided to add one to their long term test feet. After the first quarter and over 4600 miles, they couldn't find one complaint. "I'm having trouble finding anything I don't like. The G90 quite literally does everything well, to the point that my biggest gripe is the hazards flash when the remote start is active. Seriously. From its fluid power, ultra confident ride and quiet, sumptuous cabin, the G90 is easy to love." 


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Automobile magazine says the Genesis G90 is "damn impressive right out of the box". It offers an incredible list of standard equipment and is expected to offer tremendous value with more features for less money than its main competitors... without sacrificing refinement. Its interior is elegant and quiet, the ride comfortable and controlled, with two excellent engine choices in a twin turbo V6 and naturally aspirated V8. They say it feels "rich and polished and astutely bred" with a stereo system that is "simply majestic" and "a number of virtues (that) were impossible to ignore".


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Here is an article from Consumer Reports talking about the Lexus LS. I try to avoid bringing up negative articles about the competition (Consumer Reports doesn't like the new Lexus LS) so that is not why I include this article. It is their comment "Shoppers...should consider the more satisfying Genesis G90, which we think has stolen the crown for luxury driving experience."


* * * * * * * * * * rated the G90 as a top choice for car seat installation as well.


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MotorTrend spent 2 weeks in a BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance, a Lexus LS500, a Lincoln Continental Black Label 3.0, and a Genesis G90 3.3AWD. All models were all-wheel-drive. They wanted to see which car was the best of the bunch and able to compete against the mighty Mercedes S-Class. We all know that being a new brand and being the least expensive of the bunch... by far... the G90 didn't stand a chance. Right? Well...


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Cadillac recently unveiled its CT6 flagship luxury sedan and compares the Genesis G90 with the CT6. Cadillac has been making luxury cars for decades and Genesis just started this year so the CT6 is clearly going to win this competition, right? Well... not so fast. While AutoGuide says that the CT6 has the better engine and handling, the Genesis isn't far behind in that area and bests the Cadillac in just about everything else. "Real winner"? The Genesis G90.


* * * * * * * * * * has a 2017 Lincoln Continental in its long term fleet and they decided to compare it to the Genesis G90. Both cars were equipped in the $70,000 area and were similarly equipped. After spending a day in the two cars, they came away feeling that there was a clear winner between the two: they felt the Genesis G90 was the more complete package offering a silky-smooth, refined luxury experience. They also commented that the G90's controls were easier to use and the driver aids worked more smoothly, and that the Genesis G90 offers the best radio at the price class.


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