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Your 2005 Honda Civic / Toyota Corolla / Hyundai Elantra that got you through college is a trusted friend. It never let you down, it listened to you during those long drives otherwise alone as you talked to it about the problems of growing up, and it never complained when you piled in a bunch of less-than-sober friends as you served as designated driver.


But just as you are growing older, so is it. You are now getting established on your new career path, that relationship is getting more serious, and you've finally unboxed everything as your new place is kind-of feeling like home. As you mature maybe it is time to consider a car that is a little more mature, too. But not too much. It should still be nice to look at and offer at least a degree of fun to drive. Technology is an every day part of your life and your car should reflect that; it would be great if you could plug in your Apple or Android phone and use the car's touchscreen and verbal commands to use many of your applications. And it would be awesome if that new car had the latest technology available to help avoid accidents and incidents.


Introducing the Hyudai Elantra!




Hyundai Elantra information and reviews



Here is the Hyundai Elantra's official website.


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Safety:?The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Hyundai Elantra a Top Safety Pick+ rating so you can enjoy peace of mind when behind the wheel or driving your family and friends. Considering another compact car? Use the same link to see if it received a safety award by the IIHS.


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Car and Driver drove and reviewed the Elantra. They point out that as nice as the previous generation Elantra was, ride and steering refinement weren't its stongest suit. Now Hyundai retains its winning offering of more available features than its main competition in its class... and at a great value. But they feel the major improvement is from the ride refinement that comes from a stronger body, improvements to the rear suspension, and a quieter interior. The steering is also improved. In summation their comment to Hyundai is "More like this one, please."


* * * * * * * * * * points out that the 2017 Elantra feels more upscale in the interior. Changes to the rear suspension and better steering weighting enhance the ride quality and confidence in handling. In their write-up, AutoGuide concludes that with an attractive look, quiet interior, low stating price, and tons of available features at a great value, this Elantra will continue to be a winner on the sales chart.


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Autoweek says that the new Elantra is quiet and offers a planted and stable feel on the road. They point out that the steering is nicely weighted and helps with the feel of stability. The interior is quiet and larger than before. There is a tremendous amount of equipment available, many items you wouldn't expect to be available on a mainstream compact sedan, and still comes in at a great value. And Hyundai has more varieants coming - an Eco model with a small displacement turbo for better fuel efficiency and a Sport model with more power and sportier handling characteristics.


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Consumer Reports recommends the 2020 Elantra with high marks for a spacious interior and controls that are easy to use and top marks for reliability.


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Kelley Blue Book drove the Elantra and was surprised. Since Hyundai uses an Atkinson cycle engine more commonly associated with hybrid engines due to its fuel efficiency, the peppiness of the Elantra caught them off guard. They said the "powertrain eaglerly pleased". I, too, saw the numbers of the power output and didn't expect much, but when I drove it I aso came away surprised by its power. Kelley Blue Book also points out that the suspension performs better than it has any right to given that Hyundai used a torsion beam rear suspension. Once again I agree with their findings that it stays reasonably planted when cornering but compliant enough to offer a high degree of comfort. They sum up by stating that the new Elantra is "more enticing than ever".


For 2020 they updated their review and again are really impressed, praising the roomy cabin, comfort, and great fuele conomy with the new IVT transmission.


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Automobile Magazine reviewed the Elantra Limited with Ultimate Package. They praised the smooth engine and how it works well with the smooth chassis and improved steering. They came away impressed with the tremendous feature set and how, even with all that equipment, it remains a great value. Summing it all up they called is a strong contender in its class.


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Car and Driver reviewed the Elantra Eco after spending some time in it. You might recall Car and Driver had very nice things to say about the SE and Limted, but they say thet the Eco is the one to have. They explain that the Eco has more power than the Elantra SE and Limited AND gets better fuel efficiency in the process. They say that the 1.4L turbo engine feels more refined than Honda's 1.5L turbo in the Civic does. They also like the dual clutch transmission and equipment packaging.


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Automoibile Magazine drove the Elantra Eco from Montgomery, Alabama, where the Elantra is made, to Detroit, Michigan. How did they fare in terms of fuel efficiency? Even better than the EPA sticker said they would. The article also describes the trip and how the Elantra Eco performed along the way.


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Road and Track has a succinct take on the Elantra Sport. It is a fun-to-drive sporty sedan in the vein of a Jetta GLI, just more fun to drive than the GLI. Road and Track praises its engine, optional manual transmission (that I can attest drives VERY well), and good ride quality, amid other things. Be sure to drive one before signing off on another sporty compact sedan.


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MotorTrend chimed in on the Elantra Sport as well with its instrumented testing. While the numbers show it is not as quick 0-60 as the VW Golf GTI or Jetta GLI, they praised the Elantra Sport for being a well-rounded car that is a comfortable every day driver while also being sporty fun to drive. But as a trade-off for having a quick-but-not-the-quickest 0-60 time, it is one of the most fuel-efficient compact sporty cars in its class. They go on to praise the car's quiet interior, comfortable ride, well-balanced handling making it fun to drive on twisting back roads, easy-to-use infotainment, and tremendous value for the price. In fact, quite fond of the car, MotorTrend gives 7 features about the Elantra Sport that stands out to them.


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