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Okay, you want a hatchback. And while a hatchback is obviously better looking than a sedan, it isn't just about the looks. It needs to have practical cargo space also, for those trips to go mountain biking and skiing. So it needs to drive sporty, look sporty, and have useful cargo space. While that may already be a tough find, there are a few of those on the market. So you ask yourself why you can't have more. Why can't it also keep you connected on the road with easy-to-use-while-driving infotainment, telematics like OnStar, and a slew of safety features. And isn't just a kid's car. You don't want a ride that will rattle your fillings out and you don't want a car that looks like it played a starring role in one of the Fast and the Furious movies. You want something mature; yes, sporty, but also comfortable. You need to drive this back and forth to work every day, too.


We found your car. It's called the Elantra GT, and it is a hoot to drive! But it is so with a buttoned-down, well-damped driving behavior. It was designed in Europe, tested in Europe, and available here in the U.S.A. You two should meet. We think you'll really hit it off.




Hyundai Elantra GT information and reviews



Here is Hyundai's official web page for the Elantra GT.


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Safety: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Hyundai Elantra GT a Top Safety Pick rating so you can enjoy peace of mind when behind the wheel or driving your family and friends. Considering another compact hatchback? Use the same link to see if it received a safety award by the IIHS.


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MotorTrend gets what the Elantra GT is. It is a fun to drive hatchback with a mature, sophisticated ride quality. In fact, they refer to it as the "Goldilocks" hatchback. They drove both the GT and GT Sport. They commented that they were surprised by how punchy the base model GT's 2.0L engine was and how numble the handling was even with a torsion beam rear suspension setup. They also added that the steering is rightly weighted and is precise. Of course the GT Sport's, well, sportier, suspension, engine, transmission, and steering up the handling and power quotient. They comment both versions have a comfortable ride and a nice interior, with Hyundai's easy-to-use tech and infotainment. See all their praises of the Elantra GT here.


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Like the Sonata, praised the responsiveness of the infotainment in the Elantra GT. Praising both the Elantra GT (base) and Elantra GT Sport as nimble and fun to drive, they called the ride pleasantly firm since neither have a ride that will beat you up to get the driving fun - therefore it makes for an every day commuter as well. They also go on to praise the value of the car as well, given the equipment level, 3 years of Blue Link services, and great warranty for the price. See all their comments here.


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Consumer Reports reecommends the Elantra GT praising the way the car handles "with precision" and joined by "sharp, well-weighted steering". They say that when you need to come to a stop, it brakes "superbly". For the interior, they say it is highlighted by quality materials with easy-to-use controls. Add very good reliability to all of this and you can see why they recommended it. See all of their comments here.


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The Sport tim level of the Elantra GT was renamed N Line, but it went a little further than just a renaming. In this article, Car and Driver explains what changed in addition to the renaming.


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So I'm not really sure why was intent on comparing it directly to the VW GTI as that isn't really what Hyundai was going after. They only drove the Elantra GT Sport (now called N Line), but they came away impressed at the level of refinement of the ride of the car. It has capable handling and a good amount of power. says this car has come closest to replicating the VW GTI's magic than anyone has ever come.


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Automobile Magazine spent time in the automatic and manual versions of the Elantra GT and the Elantra GT Sport (now called N Line). This article focuses mainly on the Sport. They praise the manual transmission and clutch as better than that in the Civic Si, and point out that the chassis tuning is very good, putting this car in the conversation with the Golf GTI and Civic Si (although that's not what Hyundai was trying to be with this car - there is a "hot hatch" coming in 2018). They point out that the interior is a nice place to spend time in and that the ride is firm without being punishing. The great technology and warranty are the icing on the cake.


Automobile Magazine also gives a short take on the Elantra GT Sport (now called N Line). They say that the steerig is quick and the chassis is balanced and responsive. They say the design is premium and the interior design is also nice with quality materials. Put all this together at a great price and it makes for a very nice car at a compelling value.


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AutoWeek spent a few hours in the Hyundai Elantra GT Sport with manual transmission (Sport is now called N Line). They praised the European design as mature and sophisticated. They said the ride is sporty fun to drive through the corners, with steering that communicates, and very little body roll. But with all that, it is still a comfortable highway cruiser. They also commented how downshifting and stomping on the accelerator brings a smile to the driver, as does driving the car through twisty roads. They sum up by saying that Hyundai's Elantra GT Sport is a car that enthusiasts will enjoy driving.


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