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Hyundai GV80 information and reviews



Here is the oficial Genesis webpage for the GV80.


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And in this article AutoWeek breaks up the equipment list into bite-sized chunks, inluding the adaptive suspension that uses a forward camera to predict suspension needs and a 14.5 inch infotainment screen.


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MotorTrend points out that the interior of the new GV80 is absolutely beautiful. They point out that it is appreciably different than the competition yet retains an upscale appearance.


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Car and Driver drove a Korean-spec version and called the GV80 athletic and quiet. They said that the minimalist interior is comfortable and truly upscale. 


Here, in this GV80 drive, Car and Driver gets a little more into the how and why of the design of the GV80. Their comments all very positive, save for the fact that the 3rd row option is a kids-only place to be.


After reading these articles from Car and Driver, you can see why they named the GV80 among their 10 Best list for 2021.


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AutoGuide sums up its review of the GV80 with "Genesis has knocked it out of the park..." They point out that it isn't perfect (no car is): it could be sportier (though they mention that ride comfort and quietness is outstanding), and it has a tight third row when so equipped. Things they love? It has a beautiful exterior more than matched by a stunning interior design, with beautiful leather color options. The drivetrains are smooth and it has a class-leading array of technology which is easy to use after a short learning curve.


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In this article The Car Connection states it well explaining how the styling of the GV80 makes it look like an SUV costing six figures. They say it isn't just the exterior styling, but the interior is best in class beautiful. Add to the beauty a car that rides in quiet comfort and they have the GV80 rated very highly.


In fact, The Car Connection liked it so much that they named it their Best Lxury Car to Buy 2021.



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In this review I think took a more consumer-oriented view of the GV80. They point out that it has a comfortable yet planted ride but spent more time on amenities, which trim levels offer the best mix of value and amenities, and how the tech is easy to use and the interior a comfortable place to be. If you are considering getting one of these, and you are less about the handling and performance of a vehicle, then this review may be a great one for you to read.


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Car and Driver specifically tests and reviews the 3.5T Advanced+ in this article. They have a chart near the bottom of the page that shows where the GV80 3.5T comes in when comparing the numbers to its competition (like cargo space, towing capacity, acceleration, braking, etc. Especially of note here is how this article once again compares the GV80 in style to the Bentley, and claims that the comparison still holds up after scrutiny - no, it doesn't have some of the performance numbers, but the GV80 was clearly going after comfort and not sport. Another comparison is how they mention that the opulance in interior and quietness and ride comfort is similar to that of the G80 speaks highly of the GV80.


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